Cravo & Canela is a heavenly place created to delight your senses. 

Humble Beginings

‘Cravo’ is the name given to Clove in Brazil and 
‘Canela’ is the Portuguese name given to Cinnamon. 
Both are key spices in every Brazilian’s kitchen cupboard

“ With a nod to the partners Brazilian heritage, Cravo & Canela is a sweet and savoury haven for the very best classic Brazilian sweet and savoury treats finished  with a modern European twist”

In 2009 tired of the same old flavours, heavy cakes with hard icing and lack of deliciousness Luiz and Orlando decided to give up their day jobs to step into a new amazing adventure in a small kitchen in their flat in Canada Water. The duo decided to experiment with Brazilian ingredients and created the first few cakes that would transform a cake making hobby into an exciting and vibrant business.

Cravo & Canela was born.

So if you are looking for something that little bit different for your parties, weddings, special events or corporate functions give the guys a call on 020 8090 3438 or 075 3176 0184.

Meet The Team


Luiz Oliveira
Cake Eater

Luiz was born in Sao Paulo’s country side in Brazil. Coming from a Swiss family, his grandmother used to bake fresh rustic bread daily and make delicious Schwarzwälder Kirschtorten (Black Forest Cake) every Sunday while his mother would cook traditional Brazilian dishes like Frango com Farofa, Feijoada and a mouth-watering Pudim de Leite for desert.

Passionate for a good cup of coffee and delicious cakes you will certainly find him all over London taste testing the competition and writing reviews on our Delicious Ideas blog.


Orlando Behrens
Cake Master

Orlando comes from Parana, south of Brazil. He was raised with strong German cuisine influences from both sides of his family, where honest home-made meals were part and parcel of daily life. From delicious Cucas (an intriguing mix of crumble, pie, cake and bread) to mouth-watering Vaca Atolada (traditional beef stew). Mealtimes at the Behrens family table were a celebration for the tastebuds rather than mere tummy fillers.

Self-thought in the art of cake and pastry making, in 2007 Orlando decided to dedicated some time exploring his hobby – making cakes – which quickly turned into his passion.

Our Values